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Clinton Scandals: Who Can Keep Up?

#ClintonGates sums it up because there are so many 'gates' the Clinton's have slithered around and through over the years. -- MJvR

Deroy Murdock writing for the National Review:

One corruption update slimes into the next. It literally is impossible to write quickly enough to stay abreast of the scandals engulfing Hillary Rodham Clinton.

After a delightful visit with my family and friends in southern California, I sat down at Los Angeles International Airport late Thursday night to await my flight back to New York City. I planned to write a recap of just last week’s news regarding Hillary’s e-mails, the Clinton Foundation, and several of President Obama’s policies that Clinton backs. 

Read more here: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/439704/hillary-clinton-clinton-foundation-email-scandals-grow

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