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Democratic Double Standards Show in Confirmation Hearings

It never ceases to amaze. During the Bush presidency, during every confirmation hearing or congressional hearing, liberals scrutinized and grilled appointees to the point of ad nauseam. No stone remained unturned; no minor indiscretion allowed unexposed. Everything was to be considered very, very serious.

It did not matter that an 'honest mistake' was insignificant, it had disqualification implications, and not a conservative choice was exempt. Liberals derided candidates in hearings and brought in the willing press

The Most Asinine Comments Ever Uttered by Martin O'Malley

Actually, the Governor has an entire notebook full, but this is over the top. The governor is either taking psychotropic drugs or Al Gore's psychoactive Kool-Aid mix has seeped into the states water supply. Regardless, the green initiative has brought out the most ludicrous statements ever delivered by the Free State's moonbat governor.

Fundamentally, the whole Climate change myth has been debunked, but the alarmists still persist, and O'Malley and his ilk

Refinance Plans May be Hazardous to Your Asset

With all the bailout brouhaha in the news, with most every industry with their hand out, the real losers continue to be homeowners and taxpayers. More accurately, the middle class, left bearing the weight of a government out of control and the entitlement class expecting a boost without reciprocation. With elitists demanding taxpayer dollars to recoup lost wealth and politicians demanding that the laziest amongst us given a guaranteed share in the wealth, the middle class finds itself the lot that will fund both.

The pandering by politicians and the wealthy, with insincere

" The man who will use his skill and constructive imagination to see how much he can give for a dollar, instead of how little he can give for a dollar, is bound to succeed. "

-- Henry Ford

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