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State Dept. defends refugee vetting after Ohio State attack

The State Department on Wednesday defended its process of reviewing applications for refugees trying to enter the United States after a Somali refugee was shot and killed after staging a terrorist attack at Ohio State University on Monday.

Republicans have said the possibility of terrorists entering the U.S. as refugees means a more strict vetting process is needed, and some say the U.S. should halt refugee access until improvements are made.

But State Department spokesman Mark Toner said the process is already strict and is undergoing constant improvement.

"Of course, we're always assessing and improving the vetting system," Toner told reporters. "But at the same time, let's be clear that it's still the most stringent vetting system for any person arriving from abroad into the United States, whether they be traveler or intending immigrant."

More: http://washex.am/2g88GkX

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