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Inside Carroll: Land Use Designation under Discussion despite Owner’s Wishes

During the Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) meeting on Tuesday (time 3:31:50), there was a discussion on whether to allow the Warfield property north of Mt. Airy area to retain the low density land use designation it  currently has.

The Planning Commission was considering re-designating that property to very low density although the property owner, Mr. Warfield, has expressed a desire to retain his current land use designation and R40 zoning. 

The higher density allows about three times as many lots in the low density versus the very low density designation, according to county planning staff Lynda Eisenberg; a considerable difference in value.  The Commission decided to put off any change in designation at this time and come back to it next year.

While rezoning was not a topic of discussion on Tuesday, the fact that land use designations changes were discussed foreshadows county staff and Planning Commission members’ interest in having this change made at some point in the coming year, despite land owner opposition and potential loss of value.

The problem is that the Board of Commissioners have expressed severe reservations about re-designating or rezoning against the will of the property owners.  Perhaps that is why there was a recommendation to wait until next year, when a new Board of Commissioners will be seated.  Staff and Commission members may be waiting to see whether the new Board has the same property rights principles which the current Board exhibited.

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