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Boondoggle -- Proposed Baltimore-to-D.C. Maglev Train Would Cost as Much as Building 1,500 Miles of Highway

15083317512625High-speed rail boondoggles aren't just for California anymore.

A proposal to build a high-speed maglev train between Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., took a step toward enaction this week with the announcement of three potential routes for the rail line, UrbanTurf reports. The Federal Railroad Administration, the Maryland Department of Transportation, and other agencies involved in the project are planning a series of public meetings to gather citizens' input on the project.

Here's my input: I can't believe this is something that's seriously under consideration.

For now, there is no official estimate of how much the train will cost, but the website for the Baltimore-Washington Superconducting Maglev Project includes a projected cost of between $10 billion and $15 billion. Even if you give them the benefit of the doubt about the final price tag—something you probably shouldn't do, given how much other high-speed rail projects have ended up costing—that still raises some serious questions about the fiscal sanity of building this thing.


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