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Veterans, Society and Suicide

(Real Clear Defense | Rebecca Burgess) Each single day in America, as men and women go to and from work, pick up the kids, walk dogs, down a beer and prepare for the next day, about 7,196 other Americans will die.

The majority will succumb to heart disease (1,737); cancer will claim 1,632; and accidents, 401; Alzheimer’s disease will overcome 303 individuals; and diabetes 218.  Notably, 121 Americans will deliberately kill themselves.

In 2017, among the seven thousand Americans who will die each day, death will visit 362 men and women who have the distinction of having served in World War II. And while few Americans know that 362 WWII vets are dying every day, they seem to think they do know that there is a “veteran suicide epidemic” in which young veterans, having served in Iraq and Afghanistan, return suffering from PTSD and other mental disorders and kill themselves on the order of 20 every day.


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