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News Flasher: Harry Reid Having Affair With Transgendered Puerto Rican? (PHOTO)

Big Hairy News Exclusive - Married Senator Harry Reid (Retard-NV) has reportedly been involved in a steamy affair with a transgendered Puerto Rican woman for over six years!

This organization received a phone call Monday night from an individual claiming to be a close relative of the Senate Majority Leader. The caller said Reid met the woman in a Nevada brothel, and later set her up with a home in Sparks, Nevada where the two could tryst in private.

Reid's lover is described as a transgendered woman who was originally a man who owned a masonry company in his native Puerto Rico.

While we cannot verify the identity of the caller or the validity of her accusations, at our request she did send a photo of the couple (below) to verify her claims. After carefully analyzing the photo, we are inclined to believe this story is, in fact, true.

Harry Reid and transgendered woman

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