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Calibration Error: Obesity, and Fingernails are too Damn Long at Root in Maryland Diebold Vote Switching Incidents


Maryland election steering officials have concluded that massive election irregularities in early voting --Republican votes switched to Democrat in over half of the states counties--are a direct result of voter error causing calibration issues. 

Apparently, Obese Republicans with pudgy fingers and excessively long fingernails are the problem and must trim down to properly record their vote on Diebold touch screens. From the Maryland State Board for Progressive Elections:

As of today, the State Board of Elections has received reports that less than 20 voting units allegedly display a candidate different than what the voter selected. Twelve of these units have been thoroughly tested, and the issue cannot be replicated. The remaining units have been taken out of service until they can be thoroughly tested.

Election officials receive similar reports in every election. Post-election analysis has shown that this is caused by voter error. Voters with large fingers or long nails or voters who hold the touchscreen with their palm resting on the screen seem to report this issue more frequently.

It is important to note that the issue has only affected Republicans, Democrats, illegals and the recently deceased have not reported any issues in the state.

The Maryland GOP calls for an investigation:

Following reports of voting machines flipping votes from Republican candidates to Democrats, the Maryland Republican Party is calling on the Maryland State Board of Elections to take the necessary steps to investigate and resolve the matter right away. 
As of Monday night, voters in half of all Maryland Counties have reported incidents of attempting to cast their vote for Republican candidates, only to see their votes “flip” to the Democratic candidate. 
The affected counties include Anne Arundel, Caroline, Dorchester, Frederick, Harford, Howard, Montgomery, Prince George’s, Queen Anne’s, St. Mary’s, Talbot, and Washington. Some election officials have called it a "calibration issue,” while the State Board of Elections, in a statement released last night, said “voters with large fingers or long nails or voters who hold the touchscreen with their palm resting on the screen seem to report this issue more frequently.”
“No matter what the reason, immediate steps must be taken to protect the integrity of this election,” said Diana Waterman, Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party. 

Chairman Waterman called on the Maryland State Board of Elections to act on the following steps:

-    Identify what steps it has already taken to address this matter to date.
-    Establish a hotline, overseen by the Attorney General, for voters to report problems
-    Begin public service announcements (PSAs) to advise voters to check the accuracy of their ballot before it is cast
-    Issue guidelines to localities for managing the process of complaint notification, reporting to State BOE, handling of errant machine protocol
-    Report the serial number, locations, and removal of machines to date
-    Announce protocols for votes cast on errant machines
-    Implement an immediate audit conducted by Diebold to determine what is wrong the machines
“We are also calling on the MD State Democratic Party to join in this effort to ensure a proper and fair election,” said Waterman. “The first step to voter empowerment is making sure that every vote is cast as the voter intends. I believe that the State Democratic Party shares our view that a fair and honest election is essential to the democratic process. It’s the only way that every citizen of our great state can ensure that his or her voice is heard.” 


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