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Kudos to Obama Motors: Chevy Volt; 'Worst Car Stock, Product Flop of 2011' Winner

ALEXANDRIA, VA – General Motors stock (NYSE: GM) finished 2011 down 46.1% - the absolute worst car or car-related product stock on the board.  Besting (so to speak) the second worst by 4.5%. 

And GM’s unprofitable, unpopular, combustible electric Chevy Volt was a ‘Worst Product Flop of 2011’ winner.  Oh, and GM is moving electric vehicle development (and production?) to China – which sort of undermines the jobs “created or saved” reason for the $50 billion GM bailout.

All of which is even more terrible GM news for We the Taxpayers. 

Per the titanic GM stock price drop-off: As a result of President Barack Obama’s $30 billion in additional bailout coin, we own more than 500,000 shares of GM stock.  To break even on our “investment,” these shares must be sold at $53 per.  GM closed yesterday at $21.15.  Which if sold today would mean for us about a $16 billion loss   – just on the stock portion of the GM bailout (we’ve suffered additional huge losses on other portions thereof).

Less Government tracks the looming stock loss – and offers the solution for how we can extricate ourselves from GM – at www.BailoutCost.com.

Less Government President Seton Motley:

“From the moment the bailouts began - and General Motors became Government Motors – we have seen GM stack failure upon failure

“There’s the unprofitable, unpopular, combustible electric Chevy Volt - a ‘Worst Product Flop of 2011’ winner.  That costs We the Taxpayers $250,000 per unit sold.  GM sold in 2011 25% fewer Volts than they had planned – but is in 2012 bizarrely increasing production by 500%.  And despite all of this failure – including the inability to determine what is causing Volts to burst into flames - GM will next year begin producing an electric Cadillac and an electric Cruze

“GM in 2010 received more clean (non-energy) energy patents than any other entity - of the Solyndra, Tesla, Fisker, uber-failure variety.

And on, and on, and….

“And GM and its Obama Administration-Democrat backers ludicrously tell We the Shareholders that all of this failure is a ‘success.’ 

“Well, GM was last year the worst car stock of all - and the Chevy Volt was an award-winning flop.  So the market ain’t buying it.  And neither are We the People.”

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—Thomas Jefferson

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