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Exciting new movie Atlas Shrugged Part 2, timed for elections, according to Producer

The compelling and action packed trailer for the new movie Atlas Shrugged Part 2, puts you on the edge of your seat immediately. 

It lights up your screen with explosions, political intrigue, plane crashes and high drama.  Add to it the discovery of a world changing source of energy; makes this a movie you can’t miss.  The trailer also has the fingerprints of veteran movie producer Harmon Kaslow all over it.

Watch the thrilling trailer:

The movie opened nationwide Friday and is based on the huge bestseller written over 50 years ago by Russian emigrant Ayn Rand.  Her experience living under a totalitarian regime, lead her to pen a futuristic novel, based on what could happen to our country if conditions lined up, when “Looters Law” was the driving force behind government policy. 

Her book has served as a waning to those who believe in capitalism and self responsibility.  It has helped shape the political philosophy of many on the right. Even though written years ago, many of the authors’ predictions of a totalitarian society seem to be taking shape, with government in control of key industries, picking winners and losers...And a looters law mentality creeping into the campaign rhetoric of "getting a fair shot."

I clicked on Fandango to buy tickets, while I picked up the phone to call Harmon Kaslow.

Following is my interview with Harmon Kaslow, Producer of Atlas Shrugged Part 2... continues...

Read more: http://www.irishcentral.com/story/news/from-the-right/exciting-new-movie-atlas-shrugged-part-2-timed-for-elections-according-to-producer-174113781.html#ixzz29L1ytndF

" The Constitution shall never be construed... to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms. "

—Samuel Adams

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