Last updateThu, 25 Feb 2021 12pm
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Terror strikes Saturday in New Jersey, New York, Minnesota and Philly


Make no mistake, despite the liberal two-step in not referencing terrorism as the root to these attacks. Attacking Americans, military and police en masse is terrorism, clear and simple, no matter how deep liberals have their heads in the sand. It is terrorism.

'Homemade' bomb rips through Manhattan leaving 29 people injured http://dailym.ai/2cTC3u5

New York City shaken by 'intentional' explosion, 29 injured http://reut.rs/2cvh7op

Suspicious device removed from 2nd NYC location  http://apne.ws/2cGoHj4

ISIS supporters rush to celebrate the NYC explosion http://voc.tv/2cYTqFB

Explosion rocks New York City neighborhood; at least 29 injured - http://go.shr.lc/2d3HAhZ


8 people injured during stabbing attack at Minnesota mall  http://apne.ws/2cGpvnY

Minnesota Mall Attacker Referenced Allah Before Stabbing Rampage, Police Chief Says | http://fxn.ws/2cvvXv6


Dozens hurt in Manhattan explosion http://www.fox5ny.com/news/206019275-story


dfjhtdrBomb explodes near Marine Corps race in NJ http://cnn.it/2d2pEnT


This terrorist attack falls under Obama's Democratic Party and BLM anti-police faction in this country. This is the purest definition of a home-grown terrorist. 

Philly man, 25, shot two cops, killed woman in ambush http://dailym.ai/2ctKisa

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