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Isolate the Infection -- 9th Circuit rules in favor of Trump admin over 'sanctuary city' funding

From The Hill: 

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday ruled in favor of the Trump administration's efforts to prioritize federal dollars for local policing to towns and cities that complied with certain immigration policies. 

Liberal SCOTUS strikes down stiff firearms penalties

WASHINGTON (Reuters | Lawrence Hurley) - Conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch sided with the U.S. Supreme Court’s four liberal members on Monday in striking down as unconstitutionally vague a law imposing stiff criminal sentences for people convicted of certain crimes involving firearms.

Supreme Court: No census citizenship question for now, need clarified agency explanation

“In these unusual circumstances, the District Court was warranted in remanding to the agency, and we affirm that disposition.”


(Legal Insurrection | William A. Jacobson) - In a complicated ruling, the Supreme Court substantially upheld the inclusion of a census question regarding citizenship, but procedurally held that more inquiry was needed into C0mmerce Dept. reasoning in seeking to add the question.

Supreme Court rejects limits on partisan gerrymandering

People in gerrymandered states need to step up and demand more parity from their elected representatives. Politicians or any one party apparatus are not our leaders or overlords, but public servants and employees. Only the People can stop these centralized power vacuums within their states with a little education and the mettle to stand up to the self-serving cabal.  

fdjdhgkhkjWASHINGTON (Reuters |  Lawrence Hurley and Andrew Chung) - In a major blow to election reformers, the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday rejected efforts to rein in the contentious practice of manipulating electoral district boundaries to entrench one party in power by turning away challenges to political maps in Maryland and North Carolina.

Supreme Court's Landmark Decision Ensures Property Ownership is Equal with other Rights

(CEI) The U.S. Supreme Court today announced a decision in Knick v. Township of Scott, Pennsylvania, a case centered property rights and the Fifth Amendment. The Court held that government runs afoul of the takings clause of the Constitution when it takes private property without giving compensation to the owner and that property owners are able to bring a claim forward under the Fifth Amendment.

Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds lame-duck law from GOP lawmakers limiting power of new Democratic governor

(TheHill | John Bowden) Wisconsin's Supreme Court ruled Friday that a set of laws passed by the state's Republican majority and signed by outgoing GOP Gov. Scott Walker last year were passed legally under the state's constitution.

U.S. appeals court lets Trump abortion referral 'gag rule' take effect

(Reuters) - A federal appeals court on Thursday cleared the way for the Trump administration to enforce a controversial rule barring clinics that receive federal funds for family planning services from referring patients to abortion providers.

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