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Global Warming Myth

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Climate Crazies Now Want You to Feel Guilty About Your Vacation

(Image: Julius_Silver via Pixabay)

(PJMedia | Stephen Kruiser) — The scolds who buy into the notion that we're all killing dear old Mother Earth have a seemingly endless list of joys they want to remove from our lives and have now set their sights on one of the greatest: your annual vacation.

See how climate science becomes alarmist propaganda

(Fabius Maximus | Larry Kummer) — Summary: Our elites believe they can shape our minds through propaganda. This is most obvious in the barrage of exaggerations and misrepresentations of climate science, designed to panic us into approving the Green New Deal. Here is an example of how this happens, the news equivalent of turning gold into straw.

When it comes to politicians one of two things is true about theatrical climate change hysteria

They are either stupid and scientifically illiterate or they are lying through their smug self-stimulated piehole and know it. Which are you Mitt?

SALT LAKE CITY — U.S. Sen. Mitt Romney said Monday that he believes climate change is happening and human activity is a significant contributor.

Alarmists Hardest Hit — The Great Barrier Reef is Not Dying from Global Warming

It is tough for scientists to maintain the fiction that Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is broken when the government minister responsible for the reef goes and has a look for herself.

Eroding Science, Fading Minds — L. A. Times hypes coastal cliff erosion 9+ centuries into the future at existing sea level rise rates

(Watts Up With That | Larry Hamlin) — The L. A. Times takes despicable propaganda advantage of the recent and tragic Encinitas bluff collapse to hype future bluff erosion impacts from 2-meter sea-level rise increases that would in fact take over 9+ centuries to occur at existing NOAA tide gauge coastal sea level rise measurement rates.

Seriously? -- Florida governor hires a rising-sea-level czar

The oceans are not rising and will not as long as the earth rotates at its current rate and our little solar system continues humming along doing what it's doing unimpeded by human gerrymandering. Beaches, shorelines do, however, erode and lose mass. Flordia is basically a sand bar at sea level subject to the whim of tide and storm. Sometimes it gives, sometimes it takes. It's cyclical. Get a damn grip and stop milking taxpayers to foot the bill for an unproven hypothesis, junk science peddlers and kneejerk solutions.  The Hill reports:

Taxpayers pick-up tab for the folly -- Zeeland removing hazardous wind turbines after several issues

An Aug. 1, 2019 photo shows crews working to remove wind turbines from Helder Park in Zeeland. HOLLAND TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Wind turbines in Helder Park in Holland Township are being torn down.

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