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Controlling the Internet: Legislators look to hasten takeover of private business cybersecurity

Cyber Security 2One can not resist the notion that this Sony attack was set up or a promotion gone bad allowing the opportunity for government to use taxpayers to shoulder the cost of cyber security for private corporations. Almost assuredly it appears a step closer to government finding an excuse to place parameters where they have no business placing rules or restrictions.

It certainly is not a function of government to protect business from hackers when the corporation failed in building a secure network with all the protections that any company must incorporate as the cost of doing business. 

It is the job of the courts to prosecute the hackers at the expense of the company that was violated. The failure to secure internal networks is a corporations cross to bear, not the obligation of taxpayers or for the government to save the day. We call it government net neutering as net neutrality is a joke when politicians insert themselves into the equation.

From the Washington Examiner:

The cyberattack on Sony Pictures creates an opening for Congress to tackle the most pressing and controversial cybersecurity policy problem left unfinished amid a flurry of legislative action in December: information-sharing legislation with liability protection for U.S. businesses.


Washington blamed North Korea for the Sony attack, in which the company's computer systems were hacked and sensitive data were leaked or destroyed. North Korea denied the charges and blamed the United States for retaliatory attacks on its own Internet system.


But after hacks at JPMorgan Chase, Target and other companies elicited a collective yawn, policymakers and industry lobbyists realized the Sony breach was of a different order of magnitude.


President Obama, lawmakers and business leaders all quickly asserted that the breach highlights the need for a tighter, faster system allowing the public and private sectors to share so-called threat indicators, the telltale signs of an unfolding cyberattack. ... read more here...

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