Worried Yet? A Lame Duck's #DNCinPHL spiel: Me, me, me, me, me, me, ad nauseum

tpo logoOn a tangent here.

Another four or eight years of progressive dismantling of the Constitution will crush this Republic beyond the Founders worst scenarios. We are two-thirds in the quagmire already and Obama's social transformation ramblings should peak freethinkers into action, taking stock as Lincoln lamented. "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."

America's enemy, its greatest threat to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is the modern progressive. Ergo, Democrats, With roots gripped in Marxism, the tenets of political progressivism at its core is the antithesis of a Constitutional Republic. There is no ambiguity here. Democrats are off the Constitutional rails.

Although Obama no longer matters, his divisive, fundamental transformation rhetoric should give pause. Progressive-Democrats are clinging to its primary pillar, 'government over' the ill-informed, equally gullible and passive, unarmed people. Decades of spoon fed blather, from media and educators, the sheeple, the collective, the Borg, some really smart people, can't help hanging on each word like mindless fools and tools. 

Our consternation has been stoked reading the transcript of Obama's meandering speech at his last Dem-Soc-Prog Convention as president with his tedious, it's 'all about me,' over and over some 100 times narrative. ( http://apne.ws/2arYS4b )  

Hillary Criminal gave us exactly the same tired groupthink talking points in her coronation speech. Progressive-Democrats will deliver another term of big-government business-as-usual, gun-taking, free-speech stifling, due process denying, gouge the taxpayer aficionados. For and at the pleasure of chosen elitists. The Constitution be damned. The people once again rammed.

Progressives will have its corrupt o'crat at the top, a well-known, well-documented pathological serial liar and the absolute lowest common denominator in politics. As it has always been, big on soaring rhetoric, zilch on delivering anything outside of personal enrichment and thumbing the constitution and the people.

The anti-constitution progressive horde wants your mind, body, and soul. Including your discretionary income to help provide for the unaccountable and the unfit. Nonconformity will have consequences, divisions will deepen, class warfare will dominate, the poor will remain in poverty, small business will disappear, the rich will build razor topped walls. The chosen, blind loyalists, elevated without skill or character. Loyal subjects bowing in blind obedience with absolute conformity. Nothing changes.

One thing is clear, one cannot trust a single utterance coming from any member of the liberal-progressive-democrat party. Not that anyone should have over the last 100 years. The wholesale lack of values, honesty, moral fiber or personal responsibility is antithetical to America's character and is not representative of the Founders vision. They are anti-American, anti-Constitution, and despite the lofty words and empty promises, entrenched in every government agency and branch, progressives will dictate like amoral despots with kleptocratic tendencies.

Make no mistake this evolution of government as overseers is almost complete. American's can not pull out of their driveway without being subject to the hundreds of inane laws you may or may not have violated becoming subject to interrogation for non-conformity. Soon you will need to present your itinerary to the 'governing authority of movement' prior to leaving your home. The point may be moot as embedded GPS chips will become the standard for 'allowed' newborns in the near future. Progressives strive, openly and without regard to dilute every protection the Constitution provides the People, at every level--federal, state, city, county and the plethora of agencies in between--ensconced in their little vacuums, dictating statutes from ivory towers. 

And, try as we might, we do not find it written or implied anywhere in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights to which; We the People are compelled to kneel at the altar of petulant, pathologically dishonest, morally repugnant, intellectually vacuous, junk science peddling, pyramid scheming, self-enriching, social engineering, silver-spoon grifting moonbats. Nor, does the Constitution provide for any self-serving individual or group to push its self-enlightened or self-delusional view of the world on everyone else.

We have entered an age of madness. It's beyond time to protect our children's natural right to become free-thinkers athwart mindless progressive machinations. 

In the end, though, no matter who the next despot may be, electing the same liberal-progressive asshats to the congress, governor's office, state legislature or mayor's office will result in the same outcome. Progressives control government at almost every level. No checks and balances, but big checks signed over to the thieves. One is loath to find a Statesman anywhere near the Progressive Party. Republicans have no bragging rights here either, their silence and lack of resistance to the progressive world order speaks volumes. The NWO government telling you what we can and cannot do from birth--if you are chosen to live--to death--to be determined provided you are still able to contribute to the collective good.

We are fundamentally screwed, friends. It's not the Republic the founders envisioned. It's a dark time for America and it's a damn shame.

The promise that was America is a long lost idea scribbled down in a patriot's journal soon to be censored, erased from history--its ashes scattered on the barren landscape of a progressively reconstructed future sans the Founder's vision.