How to progressively rig an election


Read, watch or listen to any so-called major news outlet (NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, WaPo, NYT, etc) or follow any web-based algorithm generated trends on social engineering platforms (Google, Facebook, Twitter) for Democrat/progressive generated talking points with manipulated polls and data steering desired outcomes. 

Most everything progressive controlled media reports or aggregates concerning elections, politicians or climate scam, etc, is a baldfaced lie or regurgitated liberal drivel. Propaganda spun and spread by idol worshiping petulant sycophant children reinforced by bought paid for editorial staff and publishers.

Journalism is dead. Fact checking is a joke. Integrity all but lost. Free thinkers mute. Pravda reborn.

The liberal media in this country disrespects and dishonors America and its people with impunity. All in for a quick buck and fifteen minutes of fleeting fame or a seat at the kiddie table for a pat on the back at some political grandstanders acceptance speech. All grappling for the golden goose; a lucrative gig as the candidate elect's press/propaganda secretary or some advisory position. It is a revolving door.

You just can not trust anyone anymore. The election was rigged even before voters got to the polling booth or not.